Below are suggestions for addressing and resolving some of the inequities and discrimination still encountered by Black Americans:

I. Inclusion and Diversity Committees – For employers to create a committee that will monitor and track the recruiting, interview process, and evaluation criteria for employment, retention, promotions, and to avoid unconscious bias that may be influenced in the hiring decision at the workplace;

II. We need fundamental changes in our institutions for reform in the criminal justice system, jury selection, mandatory sentences, and wrongful convictions.

III. Inclusion of Black History as a part of American History in the K-12 curriculum at all school levels.

IV. A Truth Reconciliation Committee to oversee, monitor, and review racism around the United States. Committees are needed to enforce and monitor laws as well as create new policies and laws that are fair to all Americans.

V. Lastly, request a hearing to present your stories to the Legislators

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